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Welcome to Plain Jane Jewellery Design, an independent business single handedly founded in 2020 by myself, the owner and creator behind Plain Jane. 

Plain Jane Jewellery design has been created with you in mind. The designs are collective so you can mix and match our jewellery with other pieces to create your own, unique perfect style.

The idea of Plain Jane started on a family trip to Thailand back in 2019 after meeting local jewellers and learning the art of sustainable and recycable jewellery design.

Gypsophila ring 6.HEIC


What is recycled sterling silver?


Recycled sterling silver is silver that has been previously used. This could be in silver jewellery or even technology such as cameras, phones and computers. The list is endless and thankfully growing. The silver is repurposed by melting it down and then reforming it in wire and sheet.


Is recycled sterling silver still high quality? 


Yes, sterling silver is often referred to as 925 silver, due to it being 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other alloys. 

Recycled silver does not lose any of its original quality, as it's still 925 sterling silver.


Environmental reasons for using recycled sterling silver:


  • Reduces C02 emissions 

  • Reduces landfill waste 

  • Reduces deforestation

  • Reduces destruction of natural habitats 

  • No poor conditions of working 

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